The first industrial strength, concentrated, all-purpose cleaner powered by probiotics!

Using eco-friendly ingredients, it’s the healthier and safer alternative for your customers and employees. But make no mistake, it’s incredibly tough on the nastiest messes, spills, grease, grime, stains, mould and mildew you can feed it. Amazing at spot and stain removal. Commercial-grade cleaning that’s safe enough to use around the cutest puppy.

Save money with our concentrated formula. Makes over 100 gallons of all-purpose, multi-surface cleaner, at less than a penny an ounce.

Probiotics are nature’s balancing act. They start working on contact at the microscopic level of harmful bacteria and odours. For them, the messier the better!

Your customers will love knowing that you’re going green, keeping them safe and healthy! It’s a Win-Win for everyone. Customers are happy, employees are safer, it’s environmentally friendly and you’re even saving money in the process.


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