Provide Another Mother, or PAM for short, is a quality, superior, all-encompassing housekeeping service aimed at making life easier for busy families under hectic schedules.

Flexibility is one of the keys to our service’s success. We understand that different families have differing requirements. The beauty of PAM is that you get to choose the level of service that suits your needs and your budget. And while PAM is quite unique as a total domestic solution, our real point of difference is our commitment to the quality of the PAMs we employ. Your PAM will be experienced and friendly - someone you can trust and respect. She’ll also hold the accreditation required for whatever role you need her to play in your life - from a Blue Card for those PAMs helping with babysitting, to full liability insurance for PAMs running errands and the like. We are committed to providing you with the most suitable 'other mother’ we can.


Think about it - is your time better spent earning an income or cleaning? Would you like more quality time with your children and family while someone else takes care of the housekeeping monotony? Do you need to enhance your lifestyle? Wouldn’t you love another mother’s help in your life from time to time? PAM is for you.

While, yes, you can hire a cleaner, or hire a babysitter, or engage a dog walker, or have your ironing done, PAM can come into your home and do all those things for you - and more. PAM can pick up the odd grocery item on her way over to your home and then prepare your family a meal before she sets about cleaning. Or she can run a few errands before she walks the dog and tidies up. Or she can even pick-up the kids from school, bring them back to your home, feed them and get them started on their homework before embarking on your mountain of washing. Now doesn’t that sound like bliss?


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